Heather Macy, Coach - Go Two Feet In

Consistency is the
Truest Measure of

Heather Macy, Coach - Go Two Feet In

Elite Performers
Leave Nothing to Chance,

Unlock your full potenetial and achieve unmatched results with Two Feet In:  Elite Performance Training.  My comprehensive coaching is meticulously designed for individuals striving to become elite performers in their respective fields.  Whether you are an athlete, business professional, or anyone pursuing excellence.

Client Sustained Success.

We are focused on client sustained successes.  We forge one-on-one personal relationships because we are interested in you.  We will walk hand in hand to take you where you can’t go alone.

Two Feet Forward - Heather Macy, Coach
Heather Macy, Coach - Go Two Feet In
Heather Macy, Coach - Go Two Feet In

Experience & Perspective.

The ability to recognize what is needed or required prior to everyone else in the room is a gift of experience and perspective.

Understanding the Assignment.

Our training creates fun routines, schedules, and strategies to sustain ‘Elite’ success.