Choice, Not Chance: Taking Risks with Coach Joanne P. McCallie

Coach P has drawn upon her own personal experiences, triumphs and professional challenges to create her passionate life philosophy: “Choice, Not Chance.” This simple but powerful mantra serves as the foundation for the award-winning athletes and competitive teams she builds and leads — an approach to life can be applied to sports teams, business teams, student athletes and even parenting.
Coach P is one of the most highly decorated female college basketball coaches in the country. She became the first Division I head coach to win conference titles in four different leagues: the ACC, Big Ten, America East and North Atlantic. She was also the first Division I coach to be named Conference Coach of the Year in four different conferences five times. And, she is the only Division I head coach to lead two different programs to 30-win seasons with three National Championship game appearances.
CoachP’s commitment to player and personal development is second to none. Getting young and old alike to commit to “the process” of making great choices while pursuing reason over emotion in life’s challenges is at the very core of Coach P.

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